If you happen to have had experienced a particularly difficult childhood, where you could not get all the toys you wanted – not even a simple Transformer figurine simply because your parents think that all play and no work makes Jack a dumb boy, perhaps it is time to reflect on whether you’re doing the same to your son. If you cannot remember the last time where you purchased a toy for your kid – then perhaps it might justify forking out $25 for the Star Wars Remote Controlled Lightsaber Room Light.

Yes sir, this particular device will let the little geek of the house squeal in delight, where you can choose from legendary color choices of red for Darth Vader fans, green for Luke Skywalker, or blue for Obi-Wan Kenobi. Since everything has already been slapped together on the assembly line, you need not be like the Jedi of old and construct your own lightsaber – just use the included remote control and turn it on or off at your whim and fancy. Not necessarily the newest toy on the block, but it is a nice addition for any Star Wars fan.

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