Love all things Transformers? Might I interest you in a triple blockbuster that while lacking in terms of a solid storyline and great acting, the amount of on-screen mayhem, death, destruction, huge robots and smokin’ hot lead actresses still rack up the profit at the box office? Yeah, I’m referring to the summer extravaganzas known as Transformers, but if you want to have a piece of the movie trilogy in your living room, you might be interested in Stern Pinball’s The Transformers pinball machine.

Being the world’s only maker of real pinball games, they are working on the iconic Transformers brand from Hasbro, where the finished product will be released only when fall arrives. It does not matter if you’re a collector, a casual player or an avid fan of Transformers, as long as you have the dough, space in your living room and approval from the missus, then this piece of surefire collectible would look regal.

It is expected to be priced anywhere from $5,699 to $7,499 – nothing’s confirmed yet, but wouldn’t it be cool to have a piece of the All Spark touch this particular pinball machine? I can just imagine the kind of mayhem or fun times (depending on its allegiance, of course) that the pinball machine might result in. [Press Release]

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