Do you love living out the active lifestyle, sweating your socks out as you have just a couple more months to go before the deadline for your New Year’s resolution is up? If the answer is yes, then you are far better off than your ancestors who do not have the benefit of technology to help them in their battle of the bulge. One of the latest gizmos to aid your cause would be from adidas, where their $69.99 miCoach Speed_Cell will be able to measure motion as well as your level of performance in every direction, regardless of whether you are into football, a racquet sport or even involved in shooting.


Basically, the adidas miCoach Speed_Cell will be located at the bottom side of compatible shoes which is capable of capturing up to seven hours of statistics, where those will range from average and max speed to number of sprints, distance at high intensity levels, steps and strides. Even better news is this – your personal best records can be transferred sans wires over to a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac just in case you want to review them or have them looked over by an expert in order for further improvement as you tweak your workout.

Currently, a compatible pair of cleats for soccer players have been released, with plans for additional miCoach-friendly footwear being in the pipeline. [Press Release]

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