We know that China isn’t exactly the most Google-friendly country, with Android users in China now and then facing difficulties when attempting to access to the Android Market. This has been an issue that has dated back to 2009 which resulted in alternative app stores from China, which while isn’t exactly what Google had in mind, is better than nothing.

Now it looks like the block is back according to Blocked In China, a website which is able to test what websites are accessible across the five major provinces in China. It appears that the block has been in place for more than 36 hours so far (and still counting), and not just limited to the Android Market, but Android users who rely on the Gmail app on their phones have also reported they are unable to access their Gmail accounts.

There is a myriad of possibilities of why this block has been put into place again recently, with some saying that perhaps China is attempting to protect their upcoming OS, Qiushi, which is Baidu’s answer to Android, who is coincidentally China’s answer to Google (which they have also blocked, along with Facebook and Twitter). We can’t be sure if this is temporary or permanent, but for now it looks like Android users in China will have to turn to alternative app markets.

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