You might want to get your kids started off on the right footing with technology such as tablets, but sometimes, they might end up using your tablet as their primary gaming device, adding to more Angry Birds downloads in the process. Why not give them something different to occupy their time – with the Crayola Trace & Draw accessory and app combo for instance?

After all, Crayola has the experience of keeping children entertained for years now with their collection of crayons, so it makes perfect sense to digitize this sense of wonder, relying on Apple’s amazing iPad 2 in the process. This team up allows parents to heave a sigh of relief when they release their iPad 2s to their kids, since children would be more occupied working on their masterpieces than taking your precious tablet and using it as a trampoline.

This digital canvas platform will work with the accessory that is made out of a shatter-resistant shell, where each $39.99 purchase comes with a black Crayola fineline marker and 50 sheets of pre-sized tracing paper.

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