For those unfamiliar, there are certain Philips television sets that are able to project colored light onto the wall behind them. It is called the “Ambilight” and is synchronized with the content on screen to create a more immersive effect while watching your shows. However if you don’t see the need to buy a brand new television set just for Ambilight, but would like to have it anyway, here’s how you can go about creating one for yourself.

Much like most DIY projects these days, it will require a Arduino microcontroller, a strand of Digital RGB LED Pixels, a power supply including a female power adapter, and the processing programming language among other things. You can find the full set of instructions including materials required at Ladyada’s website, but if you’re curious about the end result, check out the video demonstration below.

ADAlight demo from adafruit industries on Vimeo.

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