The Kindle 3 was offered to the public at a very affordable rate. For Kindle 3 owners, you’re probably aware that in order to enjoy the $30 subsidy for your e-reader device, you’ve had to put up with rather annoying advertisements. The good news is that Amazon has caught on to that and are now offering a solution for owners of the Kindle 4.


If you’re not pleased about having ads constantly in your face on a product that you’ve purchased and you’re constantly using, Amazon will now give you a way out from the ads in the form of a fee. How much you ask? Well, considering that the e-reader was given a subsidy of $30, in order to remove the ads you will have to pay $30, which basically means that you’ll be buying your Kindle at “full” price, as opposed to the subsidized price.

Considering that you’ll probably be using your e-reader for a good year or more, $30 seems like a reasonable fee to remove ads, although we’re guessing that many feel that ads shouldn’t really be there in the first place. What do you guys think? Is the removal of ads from your Kindle e-reader worth $30?

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