Google TV 2.0The Google TV Honeycomb update has been promised to arrive in a few weeks time, but the fact that it’s been delayed for so long has led people to wonder if it’s ever going to arrive at all. While there’s no way to confirm its arrival – the update has at least been spotted in screenshots to prove its existence. Judging by what we can see so far, Google TV 2.0 is going to function similar to the mobile version of Android, which should help bridge the user experience for consumers.

However, it looks like there are still a lot of apps for Google TV are just specific video streaming web pages and not fully-fledged native apps. Hopefully all this will change in the future, along with the issue of Google TV being put on almost every broadcaster banlist out there. Head over to the source link to check out the full gallery of Google TV 2.0 screenshots.

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