The folks over at iLoveHandles have come up with a new accessory for the iPhone, and it sure sucks! Fortunately it sucks – but not in a bad way. Called the BARNACLE, this interestingly designed accessory for the iPhone works as a multi-purpose mount for your iPhone 4. Whether you need it up against a wall, on your desk, or on your windshield, BARNACLE does the job (as long as it’s a smooth surface).

The best part is? It’s so easy to attach and remove, and doesn’t leave any unsightly brackets on your surfaces which you use it on. In fact it’s so tiny, it usually looks like the iPhone is magically sticking against a surface. Unfortunately you can’t use BARNACLE if your iPhone is in a case (unless the case is as smooth as the iPhone’s glass surface) which means you’ll need a naked iPhone for it to work. But for the benefit it brings, it sure is worth it.

The BARNACLE is available now for $4.95 each and comes in black, orange and white.

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