Many of the modern day’s science advances were inspired by nature, after all, weren’t the Wright brothers inspired to take to the skies after seeing how birds flew so effortlessly? Researchers from the  University of Texas at Dallas decided to draw inspiration from mirages in order to create an invisibility cloak that is said to be effective in hiding objects from view. Touted to function best when underwater, it comes with a near-instant on/off switch.

You will definitely need to check out the video right after the jump to get an idea on its effectiveness, and it would almost seem like magic to me. Simulating a mirage does not sound so easy, but I guess the smarties managed to get it done.

Sheets of carbon nanotubes were discovered to be the perfect element in simulating a mirage, where these one-molecule-thick sheets of carbon that are wrapped up into a cylindrical tube boast the density of air, and yet is as strong as steel. Since they’re the perfect conductor, it makes it the perfect candidate to deliver the “mirage effect” thanks to electrical stimulation that heats the nanotubes to high temperatures in a jiffy, causing the light rays to bend away from the object that are concealed behind the device – hence your magic invisibility cloak.

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