Are you looking forward to what late Steve Jobs has in store for the masses with the iPad 3? Surely the man has had a hand in the device’s production and design, as he has things planned out for years in advance. It is rumored that the upcoming iPad 3’s 10″ display will boast of a higher resolution – and that is certainly going to be a challenge for manufacturers based in Asia who will find it tough churning out a Retina Display-like resolution at that size.

According to Apple, a Retina Display would mean having “pixel density is so high your eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels.” On the iPhone 4S, that translates to a 960×640, 3.5″ display which sports 326 pixels per inch (PPI), which is really dense. When translated over to the iPad 3, you won’t be able to see that level of density on an iPad 3 with a Retina Display, assuming Apple calls it that, and the other reason is, you won’t be holding the iPad 3 so close to your face, either.

At the moment, iPad display manufacturers LG Display and Samsung are able to hit only 2048 x 1536 resolution at 10″, which is double the PPI of the iPad 2 at 264. Perhaps newer developments would see the PPI increase to 326 for the iPad 3 in time?

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