James Bond RolexWho doesn’t love gadgets? One of the reasons to why you’re on this very website is probably because of your affinity for technology. Heck, even one of the most famous fictional characters we’ve enjoyed watching on the silver screen was fond of gadgets as well. And in case you didn’t know by now – that man is James Bond, and it’s been reported that you’ll soon be able to get your hands on one of his gadgets – provided you have the money.


The gadget in question? It’s the Rolex 5513 from the movie Live And Let Die. Yes, the watch with the built-in buzzsaw and high intensity magnetic bullet shield. While the watch won’t be able to do all those things it did in the movie, it does feature Roger Moore’s signature on the back. The watch will be sold, along with its original concept drawings; by Christies at an auction in November and it has an estimated price of $230,000 to $450,000. Ouch. Anybody with that much money to spend on this collector’s item?

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