Just how much stress do you think you experience at the office? I suppose if you’re a bunch of happy campers at the office like us here at Ubergizmo, we would have no need for this specially modified mouse that was developed by researchers at the Tokyo Metropolitan University, where it is capable of determining stress levels in order to fit within a computer mouse. It will rely on a pulse-wave sensor in order to measure bloodflow in the fingertip, where that is achieved by bouncing infrared light off your flesh while making an analysis of the variations.

Of course, bear in mind that bloodflow itself is not to be taken as a marker of stress, there still is a connection between the stability in your cardiac rhythm and hormone levels, getting a right reading around 70% of the time. Let’s say you’re already stressed, but to have a piece of hardware confirm it – would it make you even more stressed? Food for thought, no?

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