Somehow, I cannot but help think that what HP is doing to Palm and webOS is similar to what Xerxes of Persia threatened King Leonidas in the movie “300”, where the very memory of Sparta itself will be erased from earth. Well, why do my thoughts move in that direction? It seems that HP held a bargain blitz clear out and shut down their Palm stores for good.

To see Palm being discarded to a corner just like that after forking out $1.2 billion for the company in 2010, the moves at the top are rather questionable. I wonder what kind of parachute package the employees at the Palm store received since they basically have no office to return to even if they wanted to. Imagine the Palm Touchstone going for a mere $2.50, while the Palm Pixi sold for $25 a pop – purchase four or more and they’ll cost $15 apiece.

I suppose keeping a Pixi around as a super emergency spare phone makes sense considering the extremely affordable price point. I doubt that it would be of much use to you, though.

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