Parallels Desktop 7

Mac users who are keen on trying out Windows 8 on their Mac machines will be pleased to know that there’s a solution for you in the form of an app called Parallels Desktop 7. In case you didn’t know, Parallels Desktop 7 is a Mac app that allows users to install Windows and run Windows apps from OS X without having to reboot their computers. The developers of the app have recently added an experimental support feature to support Windows 8 which means that Mac users can now install the Windows 8 Developer Preview on their computers without too much hassle.

Unfortunately Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac isn’t free; it’ll cost you $80 for a licensed copy, but it’s available as a 14-day trial – which is great if you only plan to test Windows 8 for a week or two. Windows 8 Developer Preview is a free download, but you can expect it to be buggy and not something you can completely rely on. There is also an alternative to Parallels Desktop 7 called Boot Camp that’s built into Macs – but that requires you to reboot your computer each time you switch between operating systems, which could be troublesome for a lot of people.

How many of you have tried on Windows 8, and how many of you have done it with a Mac?

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