What you see here is an interesting ‘concoction’, if I may call it that – it is actually a Datamatrix code clock. Needless to say, the Datamatrix code is highly visible on the outside, where the significance of it all would be signalling both time and place to a pair of artifical eyes.

It would be a rather cool marketing plan if this particular clock design was to be applied to different companies as a corporate gift, where scanning the QR code on the device will lead you to the company’s webpage as a result, or perhaps to another webpage that markets a particular product that you might want customers to be interested in.

Our “Clock for Robots” is something from this coming robot-readable world. It acts as dynamic signage for computers. It is an object that signal both time and place to artificial eyes.

It is a sign in a public space displaying dynamic code that is both here and now. Connected devices in this space are looking for this code, so the space can broker authentication and communication more efficiently.

Basically, the clock relies on a Datamatrix Code which is an entirely different symbology, and what you see above can be decoded to a text string “ABCD0923426789”. Needless to say, for the most of us it is just gibberish, but it means something to proprietary decoding software. To put it in simple terms from the creator Roger, “not very useful is the best that can be said for it :)”.

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