Angry Birds robotSome people have too much time on their hands, and while it’s not up to me to judge how they spend it, I always enjoy checking out what interesting things they can come up with. For example, this robot created by a guy named Jason Huggins. Called the BitBeamBot, it is made from balsa/basswood, LEGO, and servo motors. It features some sort of pointing “finger” that is covered with a material that enables it to be used on capacitive touchscreens, and it is controlled by an Arduino-based control that tells the robot what to do.


And exactly what can the robot do? Well, from the demonstration video, we can see that it’s capable of playing Angry Birds albeit quite slowly. However, the creator of the robot plans to have a whole farm of these BitBeamBots where they can be used to test mobile apps before they are released. No idea how that’s going to work since the robots need to be controlled by people in order to work – I’m pretty sure people using their own hands to do the job would be faster and more efficient. Unless they come up with a way for the robot to act by itself, that would be a different story. Check out the video demonstration:

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