There is just something about the genius of the human intellect – just when you think that we’ve hit a brick wall in terms of advancement, someone, somewhere comes up with something that turns the world upside down. I guess the Silevo hybrid solar cell is one of those, where it works in a rather similar method as that of a hybrid vehicle, relying on a bunch of engineering tricks to boost its overall performance to beyond the much celebrated cell efficiency.

It seems that this new technology is touted to be able to outperform incumbent Asian solar panel manufacturers where efficiency and industry costs are concerned. Silevo’s solar cell architecture is known as Triex, where it will be built around a base of monocrystalline silicon wafers, although the manufacturing process gets a change since it includes extra layers to boost efficiency and energy capture.

Efficiency is expected to improve to 24% with costs being lowered to 69 cents per watt when large-scale manufacturing is achieved.

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