Solio BoltWhile it might not cost a lot of electricity to keep your iPhone recharged on a daily basis, the amount ends up being pretty substantial over a long period of time. If you’re keen on eliminating the charging costs on your electricity bill, you might want to go green, and Solio has the solution just for you. Called the Bolt, this compact little device will keep your iPhone (and other gadgets) charged using the power of the sun.

The Solio Bolt has a full-sized USB port that you can plug your iPhone and other devices into using a USB cable. With sufficient sunlight, the Solio Bolt is said to charge an iPhone 4S just as quickly as plugging it into the wall. It packs an onboard, replaceable Lithium-Polymer battery that can hold a charge for up to a year, and gives phones like the iPhone 4S two complete recharges. Great for folks who bring their smartphones with them outdoors (i.e. as a GPS device during a treasure hunt, or a music player at a picnic).

The Solio Bolt costs $70.00 and is available now online and from selected retailers nationwide. The green charger also comes with a free pencil for you to angle it towards the sun – or to take notes when you don’t have any other pencils available. Watch a video demonstration:

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