Steve Jobs
In some unsurprising news, it has been reported that Sony Pictures has struck a deal with the author of the authorized biography of Steve Jobs (to be released later this month) to obtain the rights to make a movie out of it. The author of the book, Walter Isaacson will be getting paid $3 million if the movie is produced, and is guaranteed $1 million even if it isn’t.

Sony Pictures is the studio behind the recent real-life-stories turned into successful movies such as The Social Network and Moneyball. If Sony Pictures can get Aaron Sorkin (screenplay writer for the aforementioned movies) to work on the Steve Jobs movie, the right cast, and director – chances are that they’ll have another hit on their hands.

This won’t be the first time that Steve Jobs’ life has been made into the subject of a movie, with the first one being The Pirates of Silicon Valley back in 1999, which was based on him and his biggest rival – Bill Gates. So much has changed since 1999, and it’ll be interesting to see a more recent portrayal of Steve Jobs on the silver screen.

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