[CEATEC 2011] People in Japan love watching TV; in fact most of the phones made for the Japanese market seem to incorporate 1-Seg tuners so that they can enjoy TV while on the go. However, not all phones were built equally, and in the past, folks who decided to purchase the iPhone (and other Android devices) didn’t have access to terrestrial television. Well the folks over at TAXAN have come up with a solution to the problem.

Called the MeoTune, this gadget is a WiFi-enabled 1-Seg TV tuner that works on Android and iOS devices. The MeoTune tunes into local TV channels with regular airwaves, and transfers the content to smartphones over WiFi, which the phones can view with an app. The MeoTune has a battery life of up to four hours, which should be enough for most journeys, and can also function as an emergency battery charger for your smartphone (though your TV viewing time will be reduced). A pretty cool device, that probably won’t make it stateside, but hey – the next time you travel to Japan and you’re itching to watch TV, you won’t have to buy a new phone.

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