Records are there and are meant to be broken, no? The Jaguar supercomputer’s time is up now, as there is a new challenger on the scene known as the Titan. How apt, considering the Titan sports 38,400 processors that boasts 20-petaflops of computing power. Cray, AMD, Nvidia, and the Department of Energy came together to issue an announcement that the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNL) Jaguar supercomputer will get an upgrade in the future, becoming the fastest HPC installation in the world yet again.

The Titan will feature thousands of Cray XK6 blades, where each one can accommodate up to a quartet of 16-core AMD Opteron 6200 (Interlagos) chips and four Nvidia Tesla 20-series GCGPU coprocessors. Exact specifications have yet to be unveiled, and we also have no idea on what the Titan’s computing power will be harnessed to do. A cure for AIDS, maybe? I can just imagine the monthly electricity bill that accompanies the Titan…

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