We’ve seen how there are some cars that come with doors and at a press of a button can open or close themselves. In fact over in Japan, such technology can easily be found in taxis. However Jaguar is taking things to the next level by developing a car door that can open or close itself automatically.

We suppose such a concept isn’t entirely new, but Jaguar is positioning itself and the technology as being for drivers who might have some disabilities, where such an invention could make it easier for them to get in and out of the car. For example built-in sensors combined with keyless entry technology means that the doors of the car could open automatically when it detects the driver is approaching.

Once in the car, an overhead button can be pressed to shut it without having to reach for the door’s handle. There will also be built-in controls in the car’s infotainment system that will allow the driver to see the status of each door, not just the driver’s door, and control them as well. There will also be built-in radar sensors so that the system can detect if there is an object in the way to prevent the driver’s door from opening into objects.

That being said, at the moment it seems that this technology is still in its trial stages which means that we shouldn’t expect to see it launch just yet.

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