If you’re looking at a self-driving car from the side of the road, how would you know where it’s about to go next? Naturally, you’d look at the blinkers to see if it’s going left or right, as you would if there was a human present behind the wheel. However, you might be a bit apprehensive when the car is driving on its own. Jaguar has come up with a novel solution to this. It’s conducting a test of technology that projects what move the self-driving cars are going to make next.

Jaguar has developed a system which can project the autonomous vehicle’s direction of travel on the road ahead. It projects a series of bars from the front of the vehicle to show when the vehicle’s about to turn in which direction, starting off or coming to a stop.

The gap between the bars can shrink or expand to show any changes in speed. These bars will thus make it easier for pedestrians to understand what the car is about to do next without having to look at it very carefully.

It’s testing this technology on self-driving pods from Aurrigo. The same company also helped Jaguar test “virtual eyes” which are another way of visually showing the intent of an autonomous car.

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