Now here is an interesting proposition – normally, when one wants to take a tour of a virtual store, you would do so over the computer, right? Purchasing stuff also involves a credit or debit card of sorts, only to have the goods delivered to your doorstep after that. A company in South Korea decides to go against the grain by testing out a virtual supermarket in a public place.

The Seolleung underground station in Seoul shows off a row of brightly lit billboards that sports hundreds of images of items to stuff yourself with, ranging from fruit to milk, instant noodles and even pet food. All you need to do is own a smartphone, download the Homeplus app, and choose from over 500 of the company’s most popular grocery products.

Hold your smartphone over the black-and-white QR, a beep will occur and the image of the item you selected will appear on your device’s screen. Pick the right item from there, enter the delivery address and you’re good to go. Seems to be the perfect idea for those who are too busy to go shopping.

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