graffiti-qrIt seems that the humble QR code has proliferated just about anywhere and everywhere you turn your head these days. These unique looking square patterns hold links to websites, and it comes in the format that smartphone cameras are able to read. There is one particular problem though, these QR codes will need to be printed ahead in time. Here is a novel idea that companies might want to explore – how about creating QR codes on the spot, except that they will come in the form of graffiti?

Jeremy Rubin is spearheading this particular project, where he is currently working in the Viral Spaces group under Andrew Lippman at the MIT Media Lab. Forget about snapping a photo of the code in action – how about moving your smartphone over the particular pattern, where Graffiti Codes will rely on the phone’s accelerometers to pick those up. A pre-installed app will be able to recognize such a pattern, where it will then perform the necessary conversion to code which will hook you up to the intended web page. It does not matter just what surface is used, a pattern can still be drawn using a marker.

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