QR codes are definitely not new at all, but they have caught on in recent memory simply because of their effectiveness in sending users with the right mobile devices to webpages intended by the company behind such QR codes. However, after a while, the look of the QR code loses its lustre, so is there a way to brighten things up? I guess you can say that the artistic streak in us humans always want to excel, with SET Japan taking up the task to jazz up QR codes with color as well as good design sense. The whole paradigm shift in their thinking includes making sure a QR code is enticing enough to be scanned in the first place, and since one does not get a second chance at making a first impression, it makes perfect sense to sex up such QR codes to lure people into scanning them, redirecting and rewarding one’s curiosity to a company’s gateway or portal. For instance, don’t you think that Moet & Chandon’s example as seen above is ideal, letting it promote the brand while incorporating a QR code simultaneously? Call me crazy, but there might just be an art exhibition on the evolution of QR codes one day.

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