The use of QR codes has improved to more than just function as an advertising pointer, and has also seen action on tombstones in order to make your life more accessible to your descendants as well as curious folks who want to know more about you whenever they walk past your grave marker. Well, Snipp Interactive has come up with an interesting manner of reading QR codes through its latest innovative mobile marketing technology known as “QR in the Cloud,” courtesy of its “Mobilize Me” platform that enables users to “scan” QR codes simply by snapping a photo of said code, sending it via MMS to Snipp Interactive, before receiving the encoded content over a text message.

This means you do not need a smartphone to be able to “read” QR codes any more, and neither do you need to download any pesky apps that are able to read QR codes. All you need to do is start up the camera app, shoot a picture of the QR code in question, hit the Send button, and you are good to go. Will this idea be able to catch on in the long run? Only time will tell. [Press Release]

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