Apple’s famous Fifth Avenue retail store that is located in Manhattan supposed to open at 10am later this morning – which is less than a quarter of an hour away, and it is nice to see that the crew behind the revamped glass cube have completed their task – earlier than scheduled. I guess the perfectionist nature of Steve Jobs still lingers around the place, and will continue to do so for a long, long time, so here we are with the streamlined design for those who cannot make it to New York in person.

The new cube will rely on just 15 panes of glass instead of six times the amount (that would be 90 just in case the calculator in your iPhone is not working) that saw action in the original cube. Not only that, the new cube is also said to be “seamless”, where it will get rid of just about all the hardware which previously ensured that all 90 panes of glass remained together. A new look is not all that Apple ordered – the plaza itself has been upgraded, in addition to the installation of new water drains and pavers. Do you like the new look, or is the old one much more right up your alley?

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