There have been many retailers listing dates for Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto V, but recently a more established retailer, Walmart, has put up a release date for the game that we’re wondering if it will hold true. According to Walmart’s website, if you pre-order Grand Theft Auto V from them, the game could ship come 1st June 2012.

We guess the kicker here would be the word “could”, which suggests that either Walmart does not know the date themselves and they’re just putting a random date, or that they know something but they are unwilling to confirm due to an NDA. As far as speculation goes, a middle of the year release makes sense due to Max Payne 3.

The game which will be released by Rockstar is expected to hit the shelves come March of 2012. To release Grand Theft Auto 5 shortly after Max Payne 3 would cause unnecessary competition with their own titles, and gamers might have to choose between the two titles in order to save money, therefore a June release would make more sense. So what do you guys think? An educated guess by Walmart, or are they on to something that we don’t know about?

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