H2O Wireless intends to change the way you access the Internet even when you are out of the country without having to rely on whether the hotel you are staying at or even the cafe you’re chillaxing in has a Wi-Fi network. Yes sir, we do know that international data roaming can cost quite the bomb, but their introduction of H2O Broadband over at Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile, and BestBuy.com will enable users to access the web via a compatible device – be it a notebook, netbook, or tablet, thanks to H2O Broadband’s slim, compact USB device and SIM card.

Since there is no contract required, you need not be bogged down by messy rules, as the Worldwide Wireless Internet on-the-go package will comprise of a USB device itself as well as the H2O Broadband SIM card for a relatively affordable $99.99. Throw in another $30 for the H2O Broadband international roaming data card and you can enjoy 10MB of global wireless internet that can be used in over 120 countries around the globe. If you think that 10MB is not your cup of tea, then a $50 data card that delivers 1GB of domestic web access can also be picked up.

Touted to be the first prepaid alternative to expensive long-term contracts or even international broadband “rentals,” it would be interesting to see just how this initiative is going to continue its momentum. [Press Release]

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