ossiaThere is just something about charging up your devices wirelessly – this seems to be the new way of getting things done, especially as we move onwards and upwards in a technologically advanced environment. From paperless to wireless, the latter certainly makes life a whole lot more convenient since there aren’t any more pesky cables or wires to worry about. Ossia has demonstrated the ability to charge smartphones via two walls at a distance of 40 feet, bringing non-line-of-sight wireless charging to the world.

Another breakthrough was announced by Ossia today for its groundbreaking Cota remote wireless power system, which so happened to be five years in the making. Originally demonstrated publicly to over 2,000 people in September last year at the Disrupt SF conference, back then it powered an iPhone from a distance of 10 feet away from its charging station.

Ossia’s engineers have not rested on their laurels since, having worked on miniaturizing and improving the circuitry of the thousands of power transmitters that are contained within a Cota charging station. Apart from introducing the ability to simultaneously charge multiple devices and following each device with a pocket of energy as it makes its way around a room, Cota’s non-line-of-sight capability is also worth taking note of.

I do wonder whether there are any long term side effects to the human body with so many wireless waves going around, and I guess we will only be able to find out a few decades from now. [Press Release]

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