chargespotWireless charging technology has certainly come a long way since it was first introduced, and even vehicles are working on delivering Qi wireless charging capability to passengers in a car. Here is another option for those who are considering picking up a wireless charger – the ChargeSpot, where this particular wireless charger has been specially developed, targeting various venues for it to see action, offices included.

The ChargeSpot will be able to play nice with both of the most widely adopted standards, albeit being on opposite sides of the divide, namely Qi and PMA. The ChargeSpot has been specially designed for it to be installed right below a tablet’s surface, where there will be a stylish looking sticker that will show off its current location on the top surface. This particular charger will also put forward an accessory for smartphones that do not come with integrated wireless charging capability, where it resembles that of a table coaster, while sporting a micro-USB or Apple Lightning connector at one end.

It will be able to output 5W of juice, and ought to do a decent job at charging up your smartphone just like a regular phone charger. There is also a built-in automatic off function so that there will be no issues concerning phantom charging.

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