barclaycardIf you happen to be a commuter in London, then here is some good news for you as the financial folks over at Barclaycard have started to launch the first batch of their wireless payment bracelet, where it is known as the bPay band. The bPay band was specially designed in order to ensure that your mornings get a little bit more “zip” than usual.

How does the bPay band work, anyway? Well, this particular device will work in a manner that is similar to that of a regular contactless credit card. Commuters can make use of it to pay for their fares at over 300,000 contactless payment points throughout the city of London. In fact, with bPay band, all that you need to do is to hold your wrist to the card reader, and fork out money for your travel.

After that, you can also make use of it to settle the accounts for your morning coffee as you make your way to the office, as well as fork out more money for your lunch. First announced in June earlier this year, the bPay band has already been tested at a wide range of large public events, ranging from the Pride in London LGBT event as well as the Barclaycard British Summer Time music festival. Best of all is, the bPay Band happens to be free, and if you would want to make use of it, fret not, there are no extra fees or hidden taxes tacked on to it.

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