One would normally associate the company Honda with its range of vehicles which offer value for money, and more recently, their efforts in the robotic world with the ASIMO project. Well, we also know that Honda has an interest in keeping the world green for future generations thanks to hybrid models of the Insight, CR-Z and Civic, but their latest hybrid model will not be as large as the aforementioned despite coming with four wheels as well. We’re talking about a hybrid snowblower here.

Yes sir, the latest hybrid model is known as the HS1336i, where it will be powered by a combination of the iGX390 four-stroke OHV engine and a pair of electric motors. The gasoline engine will make sure the auger and fan work just fine, while juicing up the battery which powers the electric motors that drive the tracks. Whenever you decelerate, the engine will function as a generator. Heck, even the braking energy will be harnessed in order to juice up the battery. I’m not quite sure just how much less greenhouse emissions such a hybrid blower will give out, but every little bit counts.

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