When you mention the country Uganda, I don’t think identifying it as a vehicle producing nation is right at the top of most people’s minds. I guess things will be changing for the better in the future assuming the nation’s first electric car, the Kiira EV, actually takes off in a big way. According to Mr Paul Isaac Musasizi, the Project Manager of the Vehicle Design Mission at Makerere University, he very aptly put it as “the car is ready.”

The Kiira EV has been tested for road and drive performance, alongside other parameters that include the ability to climb steep areas and the ability to pick up speed. Don’t expect to win any high speed races with this particular puppy though, since it maxes out at a parent friendly 65kmh. There is still plenty of tweaking that needs to be done on the Kiira EV though, where the car tends to jerk whenever it gains speed, and I am rather amazed that there is no horn installed just yet. You can’t bring your whole family with you though since this will be a two-seater, making it a date-friendly car (and future parents-in-law who will appreciate the fact that you can’t speed in this).

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