Xbox 360

Earlier this week it was reported that a large number of Xbox Live users were targeted by a phishing scam. Today, it has been reported that Microsoft is refunding victims who were caught unaware by the phishers. The company has also issued out warnings to its Xbox Live subscribers about the situation. While no exact numbers have been posted, Microsoft has mentioned that only a small percentage of its Xbox Live subscribers were affected by this latest scam.

This news also follows reports of users’ accounts getting hijacked (though Microsoft has denied being hacked). Xbox Live users are also advised to change their passwords just in case their accounts have been compromised. So if you own an Xbox Live account, you know what to do. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry. And for those of you interested – the folks behind the scam are suspected to be from China or Russia, and it’s not LulzSec or Anonymous who seem to have more interest in pursuing more important endeavors instead of video game accounts these days.

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