Want to go green? While there are so many ways to go about with a green and eco-friendly lifestyle, where among the more notable contributions would be to be a vegan, not to mention ride around in a Toyota Prius, there are other small little purchases that you can make such as a watch or in today’s case, a pair of headphones. We’re talking about the Noisezero O+ Eco Edition Headphones in particular, where it will be a joint effort between EOps, British designer Michael Young, as well as online retailer colette that will deliver a range of high end headphones using nothing but recycled materials.

I guess their dream proved to be a success, as the headphones relied on recycled stainless steel, aluminum, and cornstarch bio-plastics to get the job done. I wonder what would happen if I happen to bury this in a compost environment – would it just biodegrade like those watches from Sprout? One thing’s for sure though, despite being made out of cornstarch, listening to your favorite tunes with this won’t cause you to gain any weight. Expect to fork out around $158 thereabouts for the Noisezero O+ Eco Edition Headphones, where you can choose from gold and anthracite colors.

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