If you’re looking for a steering wheel control for your racing games, SteelSeries’s SRW-S1 racing wheel is now available for $119.99 from SteelSeries’s website. The SRW-S1 was designed in conjunction with Ignite, the company that brought us Simraceway although that’s not to say that it will not work with other racing games.

The goal behind the design of the SRW-S1 was to replace more expensive and bulky rigs. This is accomplished by integrating the pedals onto the back of the controller, although in a way that kind of defeats the purpose. After all those bulky setups have been designed to simulate a real driving experience (or as close as possible to the real thing).

However according to SteelSeries, the SRW-S1 was given to and tested by a team of professional drivers, but we’ll have to take that at face value for now. As you can see in the photo above, the SRW-S1 will come with 20 buttons, three dials and a d-pad, and SteelSeries has said that the controller should work with most popular racing games out of the box. What do you guys think? Is this a controller you might be interested in, or would you rather save for a more expensive, but more realistic rig?

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