VirnetX is back and it looks like they’ll be going after Apple for patent infringements, which is based on a patent which they had been granted only hours before they launched their lawsuit against Apple. If the name sounds familiar it’s because last year VirnetX launched a patent infringement lawsuit against Microsoft and won, and attempted to target Apple as well.

VirnetX is claiming that Apple has violated their patent on their iOS and Mac OS X Lion devices. This patent is for a “Method for Establishing Secure Communication Link Between Computers of Virtual Private Network”, which VirnetX is claiming Apple had “willfully” violated, despite the fact that the company was only granted the patent hours before the lawsuit.

The company is claiming that they are letting Apple know about the patent infringement through the lawsuit, as opposed to seeking a licensing agreement which is still their ultimate goal, no doubt about that. Naturally they are seeking the ban of Apple’s products that allegedly infringe upon said patent, and with their victory over Microsoft last year, perhaps this is one patent troll that Apple should take extra precaution against.

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