As the end of the year approaches and based on the previous releases of Apple’s iPad tablet, what this implies is that we are potentially a few months away from seeing the launch of Apple’s next-generation iPad, which could sport a major redesign assuming these alleged components are legit.

It appears that the tail-end of the part of the component (pictured above) is almost making a “U-turn” compared to the other half which appears to be that of a 90-degree turn. This would be in contrast to the iPad 2’s Microphone Mic Flex Cable which makes 90-degree turns on both ends of the component. This redesign could imply a different arrangement of the iPad 3’s internal circuitry, which could also suggest a redesign of the tablet itself.

However as CydiaBlog suggests, this component could just be one of the many versions of the part that Apple requested manufacturers to make in order to try out new things. In any case as with most Apple rumors, we suggest taking this with a grain of salt for now until we actually hear/see something from the company themselves.

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