Ever chewed on a stick of gum sweetened with xylitol? Chances are your mouth would be filled with a lovely, cool sensation. Well, with this pair of Carbon Pro Team Shoes, you might expect a similar feeling as well, considering how this pair of shoes will also see properties of xylitol being incorporated to make clothing a more cooling experience. Xylitol is apparently woven into fabric under the brand name Ice-Fil, where it is then used in the insoles of the Louis Garneau Carbon Pro Team cycling shoes so that athletes will remain nice and cool even though they are in a high pressure environment to perform at their maximum level.

Just what is xylitol? This is basically an alcohol-based sugar, and recent developments of the substance will see it in creative use for fabrics and other materials. Ice-Fil is produced in South Korea as a cooling fabric, where it can moderate moisture and temperature. Fibers in the fabric will be able to react to perspiration, where it will follow it up by converting sweat into cool air. At the end, the xylitol-infused fabric functions as a temperature and moisture moderator, while blocking UVA and UVB as well. Expect the Carbon Pro Team Shoes to arrive in January next year for $329.99 per pair.

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