Selfie Shoe

Okay, so this might be the craziest revelation for today: since the innovation of Selfie Sticks, we had no hope of any other “selfie-centric” product entering the market, but we underestimated the power of innovation, as now we have Selfie Shoes too.

Selfie sticks are not that portable, and users felt the mobility drawback quite often, the inconvenience of Selfie stick gave an idea to Miz-Mooz. The company has launched a laser-cut heel in a cherry red color, which has the an open square toe, which acts as the phone holder while lifting the leg and taking a selfie.

The Selfie shoes somehow manage to look good with the open square toe, the open toe acts as a dock to slip in your iPhone into. The phone fits into the toe area so that when the user lifts the leg in the air, it automatically starts taking selfies.

Miz Mooz’s design director, Cheryl Matson, said, “ The selfie stick is a great solution to a problem. But, in turn, it has created a new problem. This was the opportunity for Miz Mooz to create an even greater solution.”

All being said, this new innovation might also turn out to be a April Fools’ bluff. Miz-Mooz also kept quite on that until tomorrow. Let’s see If this ingenious innovation turns out to be existent. If It is true, then It is not a far reality where we can spot people lifting their legs and taking selfies! It would be weird for sure!

Check out the video of “Selfie Shoes”

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