You can say that purchasing a pair of shoes can be quite the challenge for some of us, especially since both our feet are not of the exact same size, and sometimes, this is more obvious for some of us compared to others. Getting a pair of custom made shoes is always a good idea, but can everyone afford such a lifestyle? Perhaps with the ever lowering prices of 3D printers, this might happen, but until that happens, you might want to enjoy a range of 3D-printed shoes, with one example that you can ogle over above.

Alien life forms and skeletal details are the inspiration for this rather eccentric collection of 3D-printed shoes, don’t you think so? Hailing from the mind of UK fashion footwear designer Janina Alleyne, she came up with some high heels designs that would certainly keep the curious satisfied. Not too sure if they will be comfortable in the long haul though, but then again, breaking fashion rarely is. Meant more for fawning over instead of walking, perhaps someone can come up with similar designs albeit being far more comfortable.

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