Fashionistas sometimes boggle the mind – they pay so much more for so little cloth, and sometimes, the color combination look extremely gaudy, and yet are considered to be by connoisseurs to be the “in thing”. Ah well, perhaps others know better considering how they graduated from some esteemed art university. Here is a pair of shoes that might just cause you heart to melt and want a pair pronto, or it could turn you off. After all, you are wearing a pair of shoes made from hooves of a dead horse – thanks to German designer Iris Shieferstein. This footwear of hers relies on horse hooves and skin, while other creations that you can check out in the picture gallery uses snake skin and even entirely dead birds as decorations.

Of course, 45-year-old Iris Shieferstein admits that her footwear will not be as light as a pair of Nikes, nor will it be as comfortable, but it is meant for ‘aesthetic pleasure’ more than anything else. At least it has nothing to do with binding one’s feet, no?

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