Talk about taking great lengths to go green – Fisker Karma’s interior wants to wrap you in luxury, and yet it intends to maintain a balanced outlook by using low-carbon leather. Bridge of Weir leather was their main pick, where it is known for its luxurious feel as well as low environment impact during processing. Already out in the market for three months, and the Fisker Karma has picked up its fair share of bouquets, touting it to be “green” and luxurious. You will get some change (just a little) from the $100,000 you coughed up for this plug-in hybrid, but at least you know it has already picked up the “Luxury Car of the Year” gong by BBC Top Gear magazine to ferry around you in style – while having a heart for the environment, to boot.

If you happen to own the EcoStandard and EcoSport models, these two will see low-carbon leather from Bridge of Weir wrap the seats, steering wheel, dash, door casings and center console trim. The leather used actually clocks up less than 100 kilometers from the slaughterhouse to the tannery, compared to the standard issue leather that sees action in most of other vehicles, traveling thousands of miles from South America. Other brand names that use Bridge of Weir leather include Aston Martin, Vertu and the world’s only seven-star hotel in Dubai.

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