Have you ever wished you could play pinball that has been projected onto a large building? We’re not sure how many of you guys actually have that desire but we’re sure if given the opportunity, you guys would probably love to have a go at it. It so happens that such a feat is possible as it was witnessed in Lyon during the Festival of Lights 2011.

Dubbed the Urban Flipper, this “game” was designed by both Carol Martin and Thibaut Berbezier. It’s essentially an oversized pinball game that has been projected onto the facade of the Celestins theater in Lyon. It utilizes 3D mapping technology and it’s not just for show. A game of pinball can actually be played via a couple of buttons located near the projection booth.

As you can see in the video below, the game also comes with pinball machine sounds for a fully immersive experience, sans tilting the “table” of course.

[Image credit – Ufunk]

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