internet-meme-ballInternet memes have exploded in recent years, and most of the time, it borders on the sarcastic as well as crude, but it works. There is just something sweet and short about a meme that gets the message across, and in a hilarious manner. Having said that, why not find a way to bring Internet memes into everyday life? The humble pinball machine does not get too much love from people these days, especially in the age of the iPhone, Xbox One and PS4. However, Liberty Games decided to take an old and busted “Baby Doll” pinball machine and work on refurbishing it, giving it a second shot at life – calling it the Internet Meme Pinball Machine along the way

You will be able to find all of the classic Internet memes here, sporting a bunch of cats, doges as well as “winter is coming” memes. Not only that, it is not just external, since a 3D printer and Raspberry Pi also have a role to play in this unique pinball machine. There are 3D-printed Grumpy Cat, Doge and Actual Advice Mallard figurines alongside new graphics to enhance your pinball sessions, where the mechanical relays have been wired to a Raspberry Pi so that it can play meme videos on an LCD display whenever you complete selected actions.

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