One of the most iconic games from Nintendo’s history has got to be Duck Hunt as not only was it often bundled with the console, but it also showed off the ability of the console’s light gun peripheral, although it was one of the only games to use the accessory. That’s why when we saw somebody payed homage to the classic NES game in the form of a pinball machine, we had to feature it.

The Duck Hunt Pinball Machine was a labor of love by the folks at Skit-B Pinball as it took a little less than a year to complete as they modified a Williams Valiant pinball machine to create it. Many of the sights and sounds that you remember so well from the game have been included in the pinball machine, and yes, that damn dog is still there, laughing at you every chance he gets.

The video showing off the Duck Hunt Pinball Machine is chock full of pinball jargon that we’re sure a good majority of you probably won’t understand, so for now, just enjoy such a pinball machine exists, although we’re sure you probably will never get the chance to play it.

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