Earlier this year in May, a routine crash test of GM’s Chevy Volt ended with the vehicle catching fire several weeks after the incident. This prompted an investigation from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to see if Chevy Volt owners were at risk and if a recall would be necessary. Now it seems that GM has announced that they will not be hitting their sales target of 10,000 Chevy Volts for 2011, although we’re not sure if this fire incident has put customers off or if adoption of electric vehicles was much lower than GM had originally anticipated.

GM is now offering their 6,142 Chevy Volt owners a chance to allow GM to buy back their vehicles should they feel unsafe or unsatisfied with the experience. This seems a little odd given that NHTSA has not issued a recall for the vehicle, but it seems that GM is attempting a little PR of their own by stating that this move was made in order to give customers peace of mind knowing that they can return their cars if they felt unsatisfied. So far it seems that out of the 6,142 Chevy Volt owners only 34 have returned their vehicles. Either way kudos to GM for keeping their customers happy.

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